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Freedom Week: What's eligible?

Posted at 11:14 AM, Jun 30, 2021

Back in May, Governor Ron DeSantis announced "Freedom Week," a sales tax holiday on recreational events and goods meant to encourage the public to go back outdoors and enjoy all Florida has to offer.

Freedom Week begins Thursday, July 1 and runs through Wednesday, July 7.

Because the holiday includes planned events like sporting matches, theatre tickets and concerts, eligible events can be held anytime between July 1 and the end of the year, but you must purchase those tickets during the holiday week itself.

What's covered under the tax break?

  • Event tickets: Football and other sports matches; concerts and other live performances; carnivals
  • Cultural events: Fairs and festivals
  • Gym memberships
  • Museum or state park entry
  • Movie theatre tickets
  • Annual passes to any of the above are also eligible

There is also a capped tax break on outdoor goods as follows:

  • Up to $5 on a-la-carte bait and tackle
  • Up to $10 on bait/tackle sets
  • Up to $15 on sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Up to $25 on snorkels, goggles and swimming masks
  • Up to $30 on water bottles
  • Up to $50 on hydration packs
  • Up to $50 on bicycle helmets
  • Up to $50 on sleeping bags, portable hammocks, camping stoves, safety flares and collapsible camping chairs
  • Up to $75 on life jackets, coolers, paddles, oars, water skis, wakeboards, kneeboards, recreational inflatable water tubes or towable floats
  • Up to $100 on sunglasses
  • Up to $200 on binoculars, tents and any item used in individual or team sports,
    • this does not include clothing or footwear which sells for $40 or less
  • Up to $250 on bicycles
  • Up to $250 on outdoor gas or charcoal grills
  • Up to $300 on paddleboards and surfboards
  • Up to $500 on canoes and kayaks

A printable graphic of eligible items is provided courtesy of the state department of revenue. You may have to open the image in a new tab or window for best quality.

Freedom Week printable eligibility list
Freedom Week printable eligibility list