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Fox 4 speaks with family of two killed in car crash on S.R. 82

Posted at 8:52 PM, Nov 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-25 14:09:01-05

FORT MYERS. FLA. — New tonight we speak to the family of the mother and son killed in a tragic hit and run accident on along S.R. 82. Friday morning.

Police say the suspect, Courtney Masterson, is now in custody, arrested on five charges, and his being held on a $301, 000 bond.

Fox 4 spoke to Katherine Cujas’ mother, Annie Wilson, about how the family is coping with such a devastating incident.

Mother and grandmother of the two killed early Friday morning says the driver’s senseless act has changed her family’s life forever.

“My daughter, my grandson are gone forever and now this gentleman's got to live with this for the rest of his entire life,” said Annie Wilson.

She finds it hard to believe that the driver did not at least stop to see if they were okay.

“Unless you're totally blind you would have seen that vehicle on the road, ” said Wilson.

Both so young, 46-year old Katherine and 26-year-old Ronald Cujus had so much more life to live.

“Now they have nothing. They’ll never know anything more than what they knew from the time that they were killed” says Wilson.

Reminiscing on memories together, Wilson says the hardest part is realizing that she will never see her daughter and grandson again.

“You know you ain't never going to see her again, that is the hardest part, ” said Annie Wilson.

Today, November 24th would have marked Katherine’s 47th birthday and wedding anniversary.

In the midst of mourning the family has decided to commemorate the life and legacy of both mother and son.

“ Nothing can change it, I still have to go on and make the best of it, ” says Wilson.

The husband and father of the victims, Joe Cujus did not want to be interviewed but expressed his gratitude to the police officers and investigators for helping to catch the suspect as quickly as possible.

He says this won’t bring them back, but it has helped to bring closure.