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Fort Myers council urged to address homelessness after woman's death

Posted at 11:50 PM, Jan 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-04 23:50:03-05

FORT MYERS, FLA — 53-year-old Anna Driver was a woman known to many in the Fort Myers homeless community, like Jasmin Miller.

"A lady died at the library less than a week ago," said Miller.

Fort Myers police reports show that Driver died, after having a medical emergency outside of the Fort Myers Regional Library, the place she called home.

Demonstrators and others who say they are just concerned about homelessness spoke about Driver at Monday's city council meeting.

"It's too late to help Anna, but it's not too late to help others," said one woman.

Last week Driver's fiance told FOX 4 that she got sick after developing a bad skin infection, that was hard to keep clean while living outside.

Tonight, the council was asked to do something by many, including former mayoral candidate Jacquelyn McMiller.

"The least thing that we can do is bring forth at least showers. This woman was covered in sores. She was released by the hospital several times. She couldn't even take a bath," she said.

We also spoke to a man who struggles with homelessness, who says he has a job, but still can't find a decent place to live.

"There's a lack of affordable housing," said Carlos Jordan.

So what happens next?

FOX 4 spoke to a councilwoman who says she's heartbroken to hear about Anna's story. And after going out and working with the homeless on her own time, she says she's hoping the council can put together a plan starting with this:

"Some of them have mental health issues, addiction issues so I would like to see some sort of counseling first and then housing," said Councilwoman Terolyn Watson.

An organizer with those who demonstrated today said they will keep coming back to city council meetings until they see change.