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Fort Myers business owner Casey Crowther sentenced to 37 months

Casey Crowther & court documents (WFTX)
Posted at 11:39 AM, Jun 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-29 18:53:44-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Casey Crowther, the Lee County businessman found guilty of Covid-19 relief fraud, has been sentenced to 37 months in prison.

The court’s decision came after being in session for close to four hours. They began at 10:00 this morning and wrapped up around 3:30 this afternoon. Crowther has been sentenced to three years and one month in prison. After he is released, he will received 36 months of supervised release

The court found Crowther guilty on charges of bank fraud, providing a false statement to a lending institution and two counts of illegal monetary transaction. Crowther was facing a maximum penalty of 30 years in federal prison on each bank fraud and false statement count- an additional 10 year’s imprisonment for each illegal monetary transaction count.

The original sentence was to be 36 months, however, Crowther asked for an additional month to his sentence. The judge was taken aback by such a request, but Crowther cited personal issues with drugs and alcohol as the reason. He made the request so as to have the chance of qualifying for a residential drug abuse program

During final statements Crowther took a moment to address the court, saying he recognizes now that it was a ‘privilege’ to own his roofing company. He also apologized to the numerous target roofing employees who were in attendance, saying he is committed to righting his wrongs. Crowther was accompanied by his wife as they left the courthouse a little more than an hour ago.

“I feel like we have a great judicial system and I appreciate their time and I respect what they did," said Crowther. "No regret for the extra month. I’m gonna spend some time being a better person.”

One request the defense made in Crowther’s case was that he be placed in a facility close to Pensacola, as he has family in the city.
The judge agreed to Crowther’s request.

In the meantime, Crowther will have until noon on July 30 to surrender to that facility.

Casey David Crowther was found guilty of receiving more than two million dollars through the PPP loan on behalf of his company Target Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. in March.

The jury found Crowther guilty on all four counts:

Count One — Bank fraud
Count Two — False statement to a lending institution
Count Three and four — Illegal monetary transaction

Crowther is currently waiting for sentencing


Crowther faces a maximum penalty of 30 years in federal prison on each bank fraud and false statement count and up to 10 years’ imprisonment for each illegal monetary transaction count.