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Flooding, septic problems plague Punta Gorda neighborhood

Posted at 10:24 PM, Aug 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-09 22:30:03-04

It doesn't take long for Randy Jackson's neighborhood at Golf Course Boulevard and Knollwood Drive to flood.

"It could be 20 minutes worth of rain, or it could be an hour," said Jackson.

If the flooding or erosion to his driveway isn't bad enough using the bathroom after a storm is a risky proposition.

"If you try to use the bathroom, or flush the toilet, most likely it won't flush or it won't come back up," said Jackson.  "You might get 30 seconds in the shower, before water comes up through the drain," said Jackson.

It's gotten so bad, neighbors have resorted to using the bathroom at the nearby 7-11, because the plumbing problems persist long after the rain subsides.

"For about three days after that, mine specifically, you get a couple of flushes and that's it.  Then it will take multiple days without rain to use it as normal," said Tony Yauger.

Charlotte County Public works said in a statement to Fox 4 that it is working on the problem.

"In 2013 there was a crossing pipe that had failed and the Public Works Maintenance & Operations fixed it to help the water to flow out to U.S. 17.  In 2016 the area received an extreme amount of rain, to relieve the flooding in the area M&O replaced a pipe further down on Knollwood Drive that had failed. This vastly improved the water issues in the area. Be aware extreme rain can overwhelm even the best drainage systems."

Randy and his neighbors say the county has only put band aids on the problem and he's worried about what will happen if it isn't fixed for good.

"We've talked about hanging onto this place and renting it in the future, but I can't be called over here every night during rainy season."

Charlotte County Public Works says it has a work order to perform line & grade on Golf Course Boulevard between Knollwood and U.S. 17. At this time, no word on when that project will begin.

They also said crews have been out working on clearing debris from the culverts.