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Fish kills spotted on Collier beaches

Posted at 10:12 PM, Jul 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-27 22:12:49-04

Lee and Charlotte Counties aren't the only places dealing with Red Tide.

Fishkills were reported on Barefoot Beach and Vanderbilt Beach this week in Collier County.

"It's pretty hard to breath and you're coughing a lot, nasal problems and stuff because of the red tide," said Nick Gable.

Gable and his friend left Vanderbilt Beach Friday and relocated to Lowdermilk Park because the stench was overwhelming.

"Almost immediately, when you walk on the beach you can almost taste it in the back of your throat, it just smells really awful, you see a lot of fish wash up on the beach, and it's not a good sight," said Dylan Holmes, who works along Vanderbilt Beach.

Holmes rents out beach chairs, but lately business has been slow.

"This week is one of our busiest weeks at the resort, but a lot of people stayed up in their rooms because it was so bad, I actually had to hide under a parking garage for a bit," said Holmes.

Red tide forecasts show low readings for Collier beaches this weekend.

However moderate to high levels of red tide are forecast for Lee and Charlotte counties.