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FGCU students to wear holsters on campus to support gun rights

Posted at 6:47 PM, Apr 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-10 07:10:20-04

Some students at Florida Gulf Coast University plan to make a bold statement Tuesday by wearing an empty gun holster as they walk around campus. FGCU College Republicans hope the action will get people talking about 2nd Amendment Rights versus gun control.

"It's to raise really get people talking about the Second Amendment," said Ryan Kennedy of FGCU Republicans. "The whole point is to wear holsters on our belts in the open, to start conversations on conceal/carry in the state of Florida."

FGCU student Anthony Vargas, who said he knows people impacted by the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in February, believes the sight of students wearing holsters on campus might make some people uneasy - even if the holsters are empty.

"With what happened in Parkland and (the shooting) at YouTube headquarters, I think we should be more careful with that," Vargas said. "I believe it will have more of a negative impact than a positive impact."

Other students believe reactions will be less dramatic.

"It doesn't really affect me," said Joshua Saunders. "It's just a gun holster, you know?"

"It wouldn't bother me seeing it on campus," said Nabil Benjelloun. "But I can see how it would bother others."

As part of their "Second Amendment Week," FGCU Republicans are also hosting a lecture on Wednesday on the right to bear arms, and a panel discussion on Thursday regarding gun issues.

An FGCU spokeswoman told Fox 4 that there is no rule against wearing empty gun holsters on campus. Still, Kennedy said people who wear them Tuesday will be asked not to wear them to class, so that they won't be a distraction from academic subject matter.