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FDOT studying a potential 4-way lane roadway for Old US 41

Posted at 5:54 AM, Jun 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-17 06:37:57-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A new Project Development and Environment Study by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) could bring major improvements to Old US 41.

On Friday FDOT will be presenting potential changes to the highway to the Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization.

FDOT is evaluating potential changes to Old US 41 that could relieve congestion and accommodate future travel demand with the growth that’s expected in the area.

Their solution is changing Old US 41 from a two-way lane roadway to a four-lane roadway.

The changes would stretch from Bonita Beach Road and US 41 for a total of 2.7 miles.

Improvements could also include bike lanes for cyclists and a pedestrian walk path.

Since Old US 41 stretches from Collier County to Lee County, both counties will be pitching their inputs. They’re both in agreement that these changes should include safety enhancements such as bike paths and pedestrian paths and that this plan should reduce traffic congestion.

The presentation starts at 9:00 a.m. at the Lee County Administration East Facility in Fort Myers.