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FDOT says contractor is to blame for SunPass glitches

Posted at 5:59 AM, Jul 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-17 06:50:25-04

If your daily commute takes you through a toll booth, you're likely aware of the SunPass troubles going on for a month and a half now.

FDOT says the troubles started on June 1st when SunPass switched over to a new customer service system.

They say maintenance caused glitches and a backlog of unprocessed charges reaching the millions.

FDOT says they will not give their contractor, Conduent, any more money until they fix the system.

A Tampa Bay Times report found that Conduent has a record of issues stemming from updating tolling systems and insufficient customer service for at least seven other states.

FDOT and Conduent are heading into the third year of a seven-year contract of $287 million.

So far, FDOT says more than 32 million transactions have been posted to customer accounts and eight million will be posted daily until they are completed.

FDOT said on June 21st, all late fees and penalties would be waived during system updates.

But a food delivery driver who uses SunPass tells Fox 4 that he thinks all tolls should be waived. He says he hasn't been able to submit transactions to his job for reimbursement in a month!

"It's putting more of an expense because I have auto pay for the SunPass and SunPass is supposed to do its job and take money out of my account.  And if they don't do it when they are supposed to, then how am I supposed to have the money to pay for it?” says Mike Demauro, Orland Food Delivery Driver.

He started a petition that has more than 780 signatures to waive all the tolls while the system is down.