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FDOT conducting I-75 South Corridor study to better improve highway

Posted at 10:19 PM, Feb 16, 2023

COLLIER CO., Fla. — A project to help ease traffic flow and prevent congestion may be coming sooner than later to Southwest Florida.

It’s called I-75 Southwest Connect, a study being done by FDOT. The study is in its preliminary stages right now, taking public feedback on how to improve the busy highway.

A project that needs some critical feedback.

"Unless we go to Tampa, maybe we get on I-75 once in a while,” said one driver.

“I would never travel I-75 north this time of day if I didn't have to,” said another driver.

The future of I-75 hanging in the balance of its more frequent drivers.

"They should try something because it's definitely an issue," said Carter Louks, who commutes to Naples for work. "I don't know how to fix it but I definitely see it everyday. It is a problem.”

A problem that looks to be solved just down the road at a town hall hosted by FDOT. It's called the I-75 Southwest Connect Project.

"This is literally the base of all of our design, this is how we start it," said Adam Rose, communications specialist with FDOT. "We can't go any further until we get really vital feedback from it.”

The project looks to improve the I-75 corridor, from Collier Boulevard all the way as far north as Bayshore Road. It's in its preliminary stages getting public feedback on what's working and what's not.

"There's going to be a lot of different sections where we're looking at maybe widening, looking at shoulder use, different items to do with interchange improvements- I know we have a few items on that,” said Rose.

Lane widening that could see 8 lanes of traffic, with four running north and four running south between Golden Gate Parkway and Corkscrew Road.

“That would probably be the biggest thing- maybe add another lane just to spread the cars out a little bit more," said Donald Schoenherr, who is traveling from Ohio. "And then, I guess, just people watching what they're doing (laughs). That's a big thing, too.”

But congestion, and other problems, won't go away without feedback from you.

"Wildlife concerns, traffic noise studies, we'll start looking at core sampling," says Rose. "It's a very wide range of studies but we really do our homework and this info is going to guide us on how to approach that next.”

Something these drivers would really like to see.

"We'll see if they do add another lane and it works, that'd be awesome,” said Louks.

And you can do your part in the study by submitting your opinion and comments to FDOT. You can learn more online right here.