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Father's Day at the Edison and Ford Winter Estates

Posted at 1:15 AM, Jun 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-18 06:38:53-04

The Edison and Ford Winter Estates had a special deal for the Father's Day holiday. Fathers were granted free admission all day Sunday. Throughout the day, crowds may their way to the historic site, even as the temperatures continued to rise. 

One of those fortunate fathers was Stephen Zellers. Zellers made the two hour-long drive from Dewberry, Florida to spend a weekend away with his wife and daughters. 

“We're just gonna take a look around. Some of this stuff is new. Spark Lab is actually new since we were here last.”

Zellers started his visit to the Edison and Ford Winter Estates by keeping cool inside the Spark Lab. The interactive children's exhibit inside the museum allowed the father of two to get in some hands-on learning by building small gadgets with his children. 

For some dad's like Tim Chen, the Edison and Ford Winter Estates were just one stop on an already full father's day. Chen enjoyed the time spent with family, even if the holiday didn't completely allow him to have a day off. 

 “It’s just like a normal day, yeah, just make sure they don’t run off on me”, he said.

The increasing temperature didn't stop people from coming out. Locals and visitors made up the hundreds of visitor's who took advantage of the Father's Day deal and explored the grounds. 

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