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Father and son get drugs mailed to elderly relatives house in Cape Coral

Posted at 10:54 PM, Jan 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-01 06:07:48-05

A father and son used a house in a Cape Coral neighborhood as a mailing address for a drug operation.

Lee County Sheriff Deputies arrested David Swanson and his son Christopher Swanson for drug trafficking.

"I'm shocked that someone in this neighborhood would have anything to do with drugs," said Don Wells, who lives a few houses down from where Swanson addressed the package.

Sheriff deputies said the father worked with his son to mail packages full of drugs to his mother's house in Cape Royal.

"If you don't get them help, you're becoming an enabler and you're allowing it to continue to happen," Wells said.

According to the report, police seized seven drug packages from David and Christopher Swanson.

Neighbors said they've seen it. They said last year Christopher Swanson's acquaintances knocked on his grandparent's door and beat up his grandfather.

"They started beating him up and what I heard is that he's pretty tough," said Greg Forsberg, who lives in the gated community. "He actually fought back and got of the house," he added.

Deputies said the duo would pick up the package and then return it to their Cape Coral home. That's when detectives knocked on the door.

According to the report, investigators said they heard noise inside the house. They feared the two were destroying evidence, so they broke down the door. That's when they found Christopher Swanson wet and covered in marijuana.

"I hope he caught a cold," said Wells. "That's the only thing I have to say," he added.

Deputies found large quantities of marijuana were destroyed. They also found empty baggies, firearms, two thousand dollars in cash, phones and a vacuum sealer.