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Memorial for fatal crash victims near Luckett Road grows

Neighbor pleads drivers to slow down
Memorial for Eric Cavazos and Carlos Ramierz
Posted at 9:25 PM, Apr 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-27 11:50:38-04

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — The loved ones of two men who lost their lives started a memorial in the area where neighbors say speeding is an issue.

Around 8:00 pm Monday night, a car traveling at a high rate of speed crashed into a telephone pole killing the two men inside, According to family members, the victims were Eric Cavazos and Carlos Ramierz.

Tuesday family members were out at the scene where the victims died, not wanting to leave as they grieved.

Loved ones of Eric and Carlos started a memorial for the two lives lost.

A Mexican flag, catholic candles, and two crosses told us a little bit more about the two men.

Memorial for Eric Cavazos and Carlos Ramierz

The family did say Eric and Carlos were the two victims in that deadly crash at the intersection near Luckett Road and Golden Lake Road, where the memorial continues to grow.

Eric Cavazos

According to the crash report provided by Florida Highway Patrol, the car the family confirmed the two men were in, was driving fast down Luckett Road before losing control and hitting a truck - ramming into a telephone pole marking where both men died.

"Just before the police came, maybe a couple of minutes I heard a loud bang," said one neighbor. "It sounded like an accident.”

The neighbor we spoke with lived in the area for about 50 years and said she doesn't see too many crashes in the area, but she knows speeding is a problem — the neighbor wants drivers to slow down because of how fast lives are lost and changed.

"They go by here around 50/60 miles per hour sometimes," the neighbor said. "I wish people would learn to go the speed limit because they are set for a reason."

Family members said Eric leaves behind five children.

This story is still developing, please check back for updates.