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Family gives back with 'Concessions for a Cause' during Red, White, and Boom event

Posted at 11:12 PM, Jul 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-04 23:12:29-04

CAPE CORAL, Florida -- Red White and Boom was full of celebration, and it was also a time for one family to give back and raise money for a cause near and dear to their hearts. You may remember Adyn Pickett, a seven-year-old boy who had leukemia and spent his time in the hospital building legos.

Adyn was diagnosed with leukemia in 2016, after a long battle, and even a bone marrow transplant from his sister Abby, that cancer went away. Unfortunately, just a few weeks ago, his cancer came back.

"I worked and my brother worked so hard together to get his cancer away and I was sad that it came back because Adyn worked so hard to get it away," said Adyns sister, Abby Pickett.

But the Pickett's aren't letting Adyn's cancer keep them from giving back during the biggest 4th of July celebration in Southwest Florida. Instead, they’re using it as a platform, with their non-profit, "Concessions for a Cause."

"Concessions for a cause came out of a want for our family to give back to those who have helped us out for our cancer journey," said, Adyn's dad, James Pickett.

The family sold fresh squeezed lemonade, cotton candy, and nachos at the red white and boom celebration, with the kids lending a helpful hand scooping popcorn, and making jokes in the back of the concession stand, it's a fresh reminder that even with the rough days, Adyn’s parents James and Erica, say their kids are the ones who get them through it all. Even as Adyn, once again deals with cancer treatment at a Tampa hospital.

"It’s the kids that really show through and have that heroism and that ok let’s do it, whatever is next," said James Pickett.

Pickett says it got them to this point, giving back to those who know what they’re going through, during the biggest July 4th event in Southwest Florida.

"We want to help the next person just like we were that at one point, the family that was helped," James said.