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Family celebrates the life of 25-year-old Destiney Bocanegra killed in Bonita Springs shooting

Vigil for Destiney Bocanegra
Posted at 11:57 PM, Apr 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-21 23:57:04-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. — April 21st marks two years since the deadly shooting of 25-year-old Destiney Bocanegra in Bonita Springs.

There are still no answers to who may have committed this senseless act of violence.

She leaves behind a son who witnessed the entire scene as she tried to shield him from the flying bullets.

“Its a struggle, it’s heartache,” said the victims mother, Lisa Vega-Alva.

“It’s just a pain that pain will never go away, ” said family friend, Stephanie Vazquez.

Family and close friends gathered at Hodges Funeral home at Lee Memorial Park to share memories and remember her legacy.

“Words can’t describe how much I miss her and how much I will continue to miss her, ” said family friend, Stephanie Vazquez.

Friends of Destiney have formed a close bond with her family, and for all of them the emotions are still raw.

“We all have this lost that we are still trying to recover from and trying to live with it, and its hard living with something empty inside, ” said family friend, Edgar Rodriguez.

For many of Bocanegra’s loved ones, life hasn’t been the same.

“It really hasn’t, it’s boring there are some days when I do feel a spark and then there are some days when I’m like man I wish you were here,” said family friend, Edgar Rodriguez.

Her parents are pleading for the publics’ help in bringing justice to their daughter.

“If anybody comes forward to give us that peace of mind that we need, ” said the victims father, Raul Alva.

“We are just hoping and praying that somebody can just close this for us, we need the closure and that’s all we’ve ever prayed for is just justice for Destiney, ” said Lisa Vega-Alva.

If you have any information leading to a suspects arrest contact crime-stoppers at 1800-780-TIPS (8477)