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Faces of Fox 4: Creative services Jarrad Morrissey

Posted at 9:17 AM, Aug 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-28 09:17:34-04

Today's Face of Fox 4 features our resident rock star, Jarrad Morrissey. Fox 4 anchor, Jane Monreal, caught up with the guitar playing musician in between gigs. Jarrad’s been playing for eight years. He says he started playing after seeing all his friends play. He says, “Right now, I'm just enjoying it. I’m not trying to do the whole “get signed in a band,” into a thing. I do it. I love it, and I enjoy it but I like my job here, so touring is not really it right now."

Born and raised in Lee County, the Riverdale graduate started at Fox 4 as a production assistant five years ago. Of his first job at the station he says, “You know, I thought it was just going to be cameras but I've learned so much and done so many more things that I would ever do. And, here I am in creative services, now doing promotions and commercials and my creativity is just... It's just like the music. It's just open to whatever I can fit in."

There’s a lot to love about Southwest Florida, according to the Florida native. He says, “Probably the beaches. And, the driving is not bad around here. And it’s a nice area. There’s always something going on somewhere.”

Jarrad and his girlfriend recently bought a home in the Buckingham area. He will be playing at Buddha Rock Club in Fort Myers this weekend.