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Exploring the psychological side of the Teresa Sievers murder case

Posted at 1:38 PM, Oct 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-10 13:38:30-04

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - Jimmy Rodgers is accused of murdering Teresa Sievers by beating her to death. So we wanted to get some insight on if he is convicted of this crime, what it means about his psychological state, his mental state.

So we talked to a psychotherapist.

Curtis Wayne Wright is the link that holds Mark Sievers and Jimmy Rodgers together.

Wright is Mark Sievers’ best friend, according to Teresa's family, and Rodgers is a friend of Wright's.

Court documents show a GPS route in a car Wright rented in Missouri leading right to the Siever's home in Bonita Springs.

When Rodgers got home from Missouri, his girlfriend told detectives she asked him what he was doing in Florida. "I asked him what he went down there for, and he said to make money. I asked him how does he make money, and it was murdering Mark's wife," said Taylor Shoemaker.

She told investigators Wright offered Rodgers $10,000 to help him murder Teresa.

Rodgers was 25 at the time. We asked a psychotherapist that if the allegations against Rodgers are true, what would make a 25-year-old man not only commit this heinous crime, but also risk it all -- his girlfriend, his child, his freedom, his life -- for $10,000.

"I would definitely suggest there's some kind of psychopathy behind that. Generally, people who go through something like that or make a choice like that have been through something themselves. It could be poverty, it could be growing up in a house with domestic violence or drug abuse," says Ashley DePalma.