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Experts react to missing kayaker rescued after a week and a half in Everglades

Missing kayaker rescued in Everglades
Posted at 12:28 AM, Feb 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-04 00:28:54-05

ESTERO, Fla. — The Collier County Sheriffs Office and the aviation crew helped to rescue 67-year-old Mark Miele in Everglades.

Co-owner of Estero River outfitters, Justin Stuller says it’s pretty remarkable that was able to survive. His bright yellow life jacket may have been his saving grace.

“One of the things that saved that guys life is probably a life jacket, that’s something not to take advantage of in the whole situation floating in the water like that he wouldn't be alive without a life jacket, ” said Justin Stuller.

Collier County Sheriffs say his belongings were located on the Lopez River Sunday evening.

Fox 4 is still working to find out just how long he had been floating alone in the water.

“The most dangerous things out there were probably the sun, lack of food, and water those things would get him a lot faster than the chances of a predator or an animal or those types of things, ” said Justin Stuller.

“That’s another aspect that you don’t think about when you’re out there. He was very vulnerable, very vulnerable,” said Captain Jack.

Stuller says remaining calm is the best option, noting never to drink the saltwater.

“You break into some real survival tactics, that is a vast area with very few people in it, ” said Justin Stuller.
The Collier County Sheriff’s Office says they were able to use his cellphone to track his last known coordinates.