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Dunbar graduate overcomes adversity

Posted at 11:32 PM, Oct 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-19 23:32:25-04

Rysheene (Sheene) Bronson was 14 years old when the closest person to him was murdered. Colbert Luster was gunned down next to Fort Myers Middle School after a slap boxing fight went too far. Luster was 23 years old. Since Colbert's passing Rysheene has taken football to the next level-- He wanted to "use it as an outlet.

Sheene and Colbert were cousins but they called each other brothers. They grew up in the same home and they bonded like siblings. Sheene's mother, Patricia says "Colbert was like my son. He was closer than a nephew to me."

Although the Dunbar graduate has been playing football since the age of five, Patricia says he became more serious about the sport since Luster's passing. She says "when he was playing sports, he would always look up towards the sky and put his hand up saying it was for Colby-D."

In 2014, Rysheene signed to The University of South Florida to play wide receiver. He's been a powerful player for the team. He's played for four seasons-- this fall is the final season of his colligate career. 

Bronson will graduate with his Bachelor's degree in criminology on December 8th 2018.