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Dunbar football player beats compartment syndrome

Posted at 11:31 PM, Nov 02, 2018

A year ago, Dunbar High School football player, Jadarius Green-McKnight could barley walk. He was confined to his hospital bed and almost had his right leg amputated. He wa battling compartment syndrome, an illness that "almost always develops after a severe injury" according to

Green-McKnight was practicing tackles before the fourth game of the 2017 season when he ran into a piece of equipment during the drill. Four hours after the incident he went to the hospital where doctors told him he had compartment syndrome. 

The strong safety was in the hospital for 31 day before he was released. 

Jadarius had to undergo multiple surgeries and blood transfusions within a months time. This caused him to lose over half of his sophomore season. 

After rehab and prayer, Green-McKnight's family says "he made the recovery they all know he could make." His father, Willie Green-McKnight told FOX4 "he was strong" and his strength made his family come around.

This summer, Jadarius verbally committed to his dream school, Florida State University. He's expected to attend the fall of 2020.