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Dry wood Termites swarming across Southwest Florida could cost thousands of dollars in damage

Posted at 5:59 PM, May 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-07 23:00:33-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Mothers day is right around the corner but, Dry wood Termites are surely not the gift moms are looking for.

“We like to call these Dry wood Termites the Mother's Day termites because they do typically swarm around this time of year so people commonly think of them around Mother's Day coming out,” said Anna Wallace, Branch Manager with Truly Nolen Pest Control, Cape Coral.

However, the termites are swarming around Southwest Florida.

“The humidity has increased which you can notice outside, and that’s what actually causes the termites to swarm. When they sense that change in the weather and the higher humidity coming about, the queen termite says, alright little guys it's time to swarm and go find a new home,” said Wallace.

On the other hand, the termites are looking for a new home, that could potentially be yours.

“Here in Cape Coral, most houses have about a quarter acre lot and one important fact to keep in mind is that, termite colonies on an average acre in Florida you can have 3-5 termite colonies living on that acre. About 1 in 7 houses in the state of Florida will end up with termites, which of course protecting your investment is very critical. Unfortunately, when you do finally notice the damage it's usually about the $8,000 level. Keep in mind with that kind of cost involved we are in a very hot market with building and selling homes, and so when you think about the rising cost of lumber that’s really important and critical to consider,” said Wallace.

Anna Wallace with Truly Nolen Pest Control says it's important to start preventative measures right away.

“If you see flying bugs with wings all of sudden going around your house or right outside of your house it’s critical that you call a professional to have it inspected and dealt with whatever may be found. So there are products that can be treated on the wood in order to prevent termites from getting into the wood and even if they do they will die from eating the treatment afterward. Call a professional, get it inspected and protect your investment in the long run,” said Wallace.