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Drivers in Lee County for Meals on Wheels

Volunteers need
Posted at 1:02 AM, Jul 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-11 01:03:57-04

Feeding people and nourishing lives. That's the mission and goal Community Cooperative in Lee County strives to meet every day.

The Cooperative runs a 'Meals on Wheels’ program that is a staple in the community. The meals are given to home-bound adults — who need a little extra help— getting fresh, hot, nutritious food.

"We prepare food, a hot meal to deliver to them," said Tracey Galloway, CEO of Community Cooperative. "We deliver 5 days a week but they get 7 meals a week most of them. And delivery is all done by volunteers."

Now busier than ever, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for home food deliveries.

Galloway says they are serving up to 300 meals a day to people who are considered ‘high-risk’ and are also scared to leave their homes in the midst of the pandemic.

"Some of them are afraid to go into the nursing homes and they’re trying their best to stay at home longer," says Galloway. "It's probably going to be up an extra 10,000 meals this year over 2019 for what we're going to deliver if we keep at this same pace."

Deliveries is where Meals on Wheels needs your help.

"We're to the point that we have staff driving and calling everybody we can think of and sharing on Facebook. So were pretty desperate right now. Especially since they’re have been some specific routes that we have no coverage for right now." said Galloway.

She’s calling on anyone in the community who has a car, a drivers license, insurance, and most importantly-- the willingness to help.

"Just the passion and the willingness to give up a few hours of your time and the gas," said Galloway. "Its a wave and just to let them know that were here and we haven’t forgotten about them and that they’re taken care of and they’re loved."

If you would like to volunteer visit the Community Cooperative website to sign up or call the Volunteer Coordinator at 239-332-0441 for more information.