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Drivers and bicyclists need to share the road safely to avoid hit and run crashes

Drivers and bicyclists need to share the road safely
Posted at 8:55 PM, May 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-19 22:54:10-04

WFTX — Hit and run crashes in Florida are all too common. According to Florida Highway Patrol, in 2017, 2018, and 2019, Florida counted over 400,000 total crashes. Over 100,000 or 25 percent of those, were hit and runs. In 2020, the number of hit and runs went down to over 91,000, but there were fewer people on the road due to the pandemic.

Greg Bueno from FHP says Florida has a share the road policy. He says, "It means bicyclists are allowed to share the road. Regardless if there is a bike lane or not. Bike lanes are there on roadways for their safety. It obviously gives them their own dedicated lane. In absence of a bike lane, they are to ride as close to the right-hand side as possible."

According to Bueno, there are three exceptions to veering from the right-hand side. The first one is if people on their bicycles are going to make a left turn. The second is if they're passing a slower vehicle. Lastly, if they're avoiding a possible obstruction in the roadway, bicyclists are going to adjust.

As for drivers, they must remember to give them space. Bicyclists don't have the protection that we have in a car.

If you pass a bicyclist, you should give them 3 feet of space, minimum.

FHP adds that bicyclists are allowed to legally ride on the sidewalk.

Here are the Florida statutes about bicyclists, pedestrians and hit and run crashes.

316.2065 Bicycle regulations

316.130 Pedestrians; traffic regulations.

316.061 Crashes involving damage to vehicle or property.—Leaving the Scene