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Doctors warn people of heat stroke threat

Posted at 10:32 PM, Jun 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-19 22:32:41-04

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - Lee Health wants to remind residents and visitors to be aware of the warning signs of heat exhaustion and other heat illnesses.

Heat exhaustion can develop after exposure to high temperatures and dehydration from not drinking enough fluids or replacing fluids that contain salt after sweating.

"You'll see more mild and moderate symptoms from heat exhaustion," Dr. Lawrence Isaacs said. "You'll experience things like nausea, dizziness, and sometimes even fainting," he added.

Dr. Isaacs is the medical director of Gulf Coast Medical Center in Lee county. He said heat stroke differs from heat exhaustion.

Dr. Isaacs said heat stroke is when your body loses it's ability to regulate heat.

"You're going to have a body temperature over a 104 degrees," Dr. Isaacs said.

He said that the very young and the very old are more vulnerable to heat illness.

"They lose their ability to regulate heat very quickly and it can lead to catastrophic results," he said.

The best defense against heat illness is prevention.

"Drinking water and sports drinks will make you less likely to have heat illness," Dr. Isaacs said. "Cooling yourself down is the most important thing you can do," he added.

Visitors and newcomers to Florida should be more weary of the threat heat-related illnesses pose. Their bodies haven't acclimated to Florida's hot climate.

Dr. Isaac said that you need to listen to your body if you do spend an extended period of time outdoors. It could help save you a trip to the doctor.

"When you start feeling nausea, dizziness, or weakness, that's when you need to get inside and cool yourself down," Dr. Isaacs said.