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Dispute with landlord over social security number leaves family homeless

Moving nightmare for family relocating to Cape
Posted at 11:00 PM, Sep 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-26 09:31:33-04

A Georgia man relocating to Cape Coral was told he could not move into his new home unless he gave his Social Security number to his landlord.

Dave Fodor had already put down a deposit on a home in Cape Coral, he packed up his family and headed south Tuesday.

Once he arrived, he was told by his landlord he couldn't move in, unless he gave up his Social Security number.  "We're in our moving truck, trailer, we got our pick-up truck, trailer full.  We have three daughters, all minors, and we're homeless."

Earlier in September, Dave put a $500 deposit on the home and met with the landlord.

"We paid her the money, we hand wrote out notes, she didn't want any formal things until we get back here.”

Things hit a snag when Dave and his family came back to Southwest Florida to move in.  The landlord’s husband asked Dave, an airline employee, for his Social Security number.  He called his boss for the same information.

"He was kind of belligerent to one of my managers in Atlanta, asking for my Social Security number, how much I make.”

Employers typically don’t give out their employee’s Social Security numbers, only proof that they work for the company.  Dave’s employer did not give the landlord any of the information he requested, so he told Dave he did not make enough money to live in the home.

"He said I know you stewardesses don’t make a lot of money, that's not PC."

Dave, who is actually a ticket agent with the airline, is scrambling to find a place to live.  He can't go back to Georgia because he already sold his home.

"We have to turn our truck in tomorrow afternoon, we don't know what we are going to do."

Dave and his family stayed with a friend in North Port Tuesday night.

4 In Your Corner called the landlord for comment, but did not hear back.