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Digging into Cape Coral suspect William Seyfried's criminal past

Posted at 9:00 AM, May 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-01 09:03:27-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- We're learning more about the man accused of making threats against Lee County judges, leading to a bomb squad investigation at his home Tuesday.

We dug up his criminal history, and briefly spoke with his family about what happened.

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As soon as we found out the suspect was 43-year-old William Seyfried, we checked to see if he had family in this area. Turns out his sister and mother live close by.

We stopped by their homes, but neither of them wanted to go on camera or talk about what happened. However, we were able to speak to some neighbors.

“He was a little strange." Luis Mugica lives right across the street from Seyfried, the man at the center of an hours-long criminal investigation which officials believed involved bombs. "He would tell me stories that were far-fetched things that were super weird."

Mugica's family had to be evacuated when Lee County deputies and the bomb squad unit surrounded seyfried's home. "Did I expect it? Not to that extreme. I never thought he would go as far as making bombs."

We looked into Seyfried's criminal past. It turns out there has been not one but three domestic violence cases against him. That's according to Lee County court records. Plus, a felony case that was reopened, involving kidnapping and battery.

"I'm not surprised, i'm not surprised this happened. When I see this, I go ‘it has to be him.’ And there it is, it's his house." Neighbor Wayne Cave says there came a time when Seyfried was happy. But he says once Seyfried's wife and daughter were no longer in the picture it went downhill for him. "By living here 13 years, just seeing him, he had to do something, and I figured this…I didn't think this, but I was kind of concerned a little bit."

Seyfried is now behind bars, facing several charges, including Threatening to Discharge a Disruptive Device.