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Man fatally stabbed near families in North Fort Myers

Posted at 10:08 PM, Apr 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-30 06:44:17-04

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla., -- Lee County Deputies responded to a stabbing on Palm Avenue where one person was killed, Sunday morning. One man says the neighborhood has always been quiet until he found a body and called 911. 

“There was a guy laying there on the ground and he said, ‘I just killed a guy,'" said Scott Baumgart. 

Baumgart says he's been homeless and living in between the trees of a wooded area just feet away from houses. He says the neighbors and the homeless have always been respectful of each other until he says another group trespassed over his homeless site. 

 “When we left they came in and they took over were having wild parties and everything else," he said.

For families just across the street from the site, conversations with children have become a priority. 

“It was too close to home," said Dane Phares, a father of two. " [I tell the kids] no strangers, there’s no one to be led in, don’t even talk to them through the window.” 

Phares says his family tries to keep their distance from the homeless, but make an effort to help them whenever they can. 

“When they’re cold, [and] it’s a cold night.... you wanna give them what you can and what you can help out with.”

People like Baumgart, who says he has a full-time job, is just trying to get back on his feet and appreciates any help he can come by. 

“Don’t always judge a book by its cover cause' it’s not always there. I’m going to work just like you. I just ain’t had the break.” 

The Lee County Sheriff's Office confirmed there was a stabbing and one person killed. Neighbors tell Fox 4, deputies advised them this was an isolated incident. LCSO says they have identified the body and are waiting to notify family.