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Day before Thanksgiving busy for pizza joints

Posted at 10:44 PM, Nov 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-22 22:44:59-05

Pizza places geared up for a busy day of orders on Wednesday night.

"We get real crazy," said Jonathan Suzenski, one of the owners of Buffalo Pizza and Wings in Cape Coral.

His team knows the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is a popular pizza night.

"We are on our third batch of dough and we cut over one hundred pounds of cheese today," he said. "We are moving a lot of product out the door quick," he added.

People said they placed pizza orders because they want to rest up for a big cooking day on Thursday.

"With it being the day before Thanksgiving, everybody doesn't want to cook tonight because we have to cook all day tomorrow," said Tammy Riley, who got her pizza delivered to her Cape Coral home. "So we are ordering pizza to eat for dinner," she added.

Buffalo Pizza and Wings had their drivers busy all day Wednesday.

"It's crazy, the traffic is hustling and bustling but as long as I make it there on time, it's all good," said Hunter Lederman, on his first day on the job. 

Suzenski knows there will be plenty of time to rest on Thanksgiving Day. The focus Wednesday was satisfied customers.

"Just want to keep it moving," he said as he made a pizza. "The more we can get them in and out and have their food nice and fresh," he added.