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Cyclists say road is unsafe as Cape Coral police search for hit-and-run driver

Hit and Run
Posted at 6:05 PM, Nov 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-03 18:29:44-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Cape Coral Police Department is searching for the driver of a black Ford Mustang who fled the scene after hitting a cyclist and sending them to the hospital with a possibly broken leg.

The police report says the accident happened at 9:44 pm on Monday night on North East 24th Avenue and North East 10th Terrace.

Riders like Jackie McGee spoke with Fox 4 near where the accident took place.

“People will run me off the road, they have run me off the road,” said McGee.

McGee says this is one of the worst roads for cyclists.

“It's very unsafe because there are no real sidewalks the sidewalk ends on the other side. Drivers through here, they go fast, and a car will be coming at you and will pass you and almost hit the other car,” she said.

The Cape Coral police report says the area is lit with street lights, but drivers who live nearby, like Louis State say it's not enough.

“When it gets dark out here, it's like congo black,” said State.

State says wider roads and better lighting would help reduce some of these accidents.

“If they are not wearing their reflective gear, or they don't have the reflective lighting on their bike before you see them, you are right up on them,” said State.

Cape Coral police say the accident knocked off the driver's passenger-side mirror, allowing officers to trace the serial number to a black two-door Ford Mustang.

Officers concluded that the driver of the vehicle was at fault and they say, anyone who notices a Ford Mustang that matches the description, should contact the Cape Coral Police Department immediately.