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Customers say they paid thousands for a fence they didn't get

Posted at 7:32 PM, Jan 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-30 19:32:41-05

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- A group of four customers knocked on the door of the McGill Fence Company, Tuesday. They say they paid thousands of dollars, but months later still have not received the fences they paid for. 

“Are they going to come? Are they going to show up? It’s been so long," said Angel Driver, a customer of McGill Fence Company. 

According to Driver's contract with the company, she paid nearly $3,000 to get a fence in her yard. She signed the contract October 13th, but her yard is still fenceless. And she fears that her small dog, Dizzy, will get hit by a car without it. 

“I don’t want anybody to try and pick her up and steal her or her potentially getting run over by a car.” 

Driver explained that she's been calling the company nearly every week and is given "an excuse" every time. Fox 4 spoke to the owner, Bill Gilday, who says that this season it's been very difficult to get building crews. 

"When they gave me the deposit, we were certain that we’d put it in, in the time that we told them." Gilday explained. "All construction companies are having trouble finding workers. If I had six crews, I would’ve had it done two months ago.”

Gilday said that he lost some of his crews to other companies and then over the holiday season many of his employees were out with the flu, including having one eventually pass away from the sickness. 

Driver wasn't the only one to show up to the steps of the McGill Fence Company, located on Metro Parkway in Fort Myers. Another customer, Anthony Palmentera, said he's waited nearly two months for his fence after putting a similar deposit down. 

"The goal is the fence," said Palmentera. "If they can do it within the week, no hard feelings. I own a business and I understand sometimes you have to swallow your pride and do the right thing for the customer."

Gilday told Fox 4 that he plans to start working on their fences this Friday, but if it doesn't happen he will return the deposit money to the customers.