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Cuban restaurant owner explains why she supports the ongoing protests against the government

Posted at 10:08 PM, Jul 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-13 22:08:03-04

FORT MYERS — Protests against the Cuban government are continuing, both in the country itself and all across Southwest Florida.

We spoke with a Cuban business owner Tuesday who has family in that country.

On Tuesday morning, Yolanda Fornaris posted an emotional message on her restaurant’s Facebook page.

“We want that regime to leave the country," said Fornaris, who owns Cubans Be Like restaurant in Fort Myers.

Fornaris is voicing what thousands of protesters have now been saying for days. She said people in Cuba are having trouble getting basic necessities like food and medicine.

“People are getting desperate, and once you get desperate you lose your fear, because you’re looking at your kids and you’re seeing them, you know, hungry," said Fornaris.

Fornaris said the protests in Southwest Florida are showing the Cuban people they’re not alone.

“We want to show the people on the island that we support them and that we are with them," said Fornaris.

But Fornaris said, her ultimate goal is to inspire the United States to do something.

“What the Cuban community right now is asking the United States is for a military and humanitarian intervention," said Fornaris.