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Crews respond to mulch fire in Buckingham

Crews respond to mulch fire in Buckingham.
Posted at 6:35 PM, Nov 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-03 22:53:28-05

Tonight were learning more information about a mulch fire that is still burning in Fort Myers, at this time officials have not given out any information.

However we have confirmed the fire is contained and we were able to talk to neighbors who shared their complaints about this ongoing problem

According to neighbors Country Lakes Farm is the owner of this property and has been in the area since 2011.

At this time there are no confirmed statements as to how this fire started, but neighbors we spoke to say they are tired of this.

“It happens every year, over and over, one time is just an accident, but you know because if you pile that stuff too high, it like spontanues combustion, from the heat and pressure from something that is decomposing, it’s every year it’s the same thing,” said Robertson.

But according to another neighbor there are guidelines in other states in place to help prevent situations likethis one.

“They seem to have guidelines, for water to keep fire, also to limit the size of the piles,” said Merola.

And until those guidelines are met, neighbors would prefer

“Go somewhere else, where they have water available, for the problem when it first starts,” said Robertson.

We did reach to the owners of the property but by it being Sunday their offices were closed for comment. As soon as more information is put out we will keep you updated.

Firefighters responded to a mulch fire in Buckingham Sunday afternoon. At this time, the fire is contained.

The fire department hasn't said anything, but neighbors say Country Lakes Farm is the owner of the property. They also shared their complaints about this being a continuing problem. Neighbors say they aren't happy because they've seen too many fires at the property.

After tonight's fire, neighbors question whether guidelines are in place to help prevent situations like this in the area. Fox 4 did attempt to reach out to the owners of the property, but with it being Sunday, their offices are closed.

No further information at this time. The Fox 4 team is working to learn more about the incident.