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Couple scammed while applying for online loans

Posted at 1:11 AM, Jan 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-22 11:46:39-05

Lisa Adams and her husband fell on hard times and when things became truly hard, they began looking for a way to get some money until the next check came in. After countless rejections from online lenders, she and her husband almost gave up when they received news they believed would temporarily cure their financial problems. 

"We woke up to a phone call saying we got approved for a loan up to eight thousand", she told Four In Your Corner.

When we spoke with Lisa she described how at first she was relieved when she heard she was approved, but then something changed. In an email that supposedly came from the lender, Lisa was told she and her husband needed to send a $100 dollar deposit before they could receive the money. 

Lisa and her husband purchased Apple gift cards and sent the barcodes to the email address where her acceptance came from. She was then asked to send her account information so she could receive the deposit, but the money never came. 

"He said the funds would be in your account within the next 20 to 30 minutes and an hour went by and nothing."

It wasn't long before Lisa and her husband realized they had been scammed, but by then it was too late. They called the Lee County Sheriff's Office. For now, it's a waiting game until the scammers are caught and the next check comes in.