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Couple astonished by outpouring support to fix torn out roof

Posted at 7:06 PM, Feb 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-06 19:06:23-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — What started as a nightmare for one Cape Coral family, now has a happy ending thanks to some local support.

Retired veteran, Mike Troy, says when he and his wife got home from the hospital Tuesday, they were shocked to find their roof was missing, and whoever did it, didn't even leave a note behind letting them know what had happened.

"Around 1:30 p.m, we got home, and as we were driving by, we see the roof ripped apart," said Troy.

Troy says all that was left behind were the shingles scattered on the roof.

"When we got home, my wife said she thought a tornado had just hit our house, and everything else was fine," said Troy.

Not knowing who was responsible, the Cape Coral couple contacted the Cape Coral Police Department.

"Whoever it was, someone must have called and said, 'where are you?' and then they realize they were at the wrong place, and they just left everything how it was," said Troy.

The couple did contact another roofing company for repair estimates, but being on a fixed income, Troy says it's challenging to handle these types of unexpected expenses.

But, fortunately, Troy says MWW Roofing stepped in to help.

After hearing what had happened, MWW Roofing showed up to his front door Wednesday, offering to replace the entire roof for free — a job estimated to have cost around $10,000.

ABC Supplies also stepped in to help by donating the material.

Co-owner of MWW Roofing, Carl Nyberg, says he knew something was not right from the moment he first drove by the house.

"The roof was torn up, no trailers, nobody was working, but all the shingles were piled up on the roof, and I said, 'man that seems kind of weird," said Nyberg.

With a rainstorm approaching quickly, Nyberg knew he had to act quickly.

"I said, 'man that guy's house is going to get ruined,' we got bad storms coming Thursday night," said Nyberg.

However, Nyberg says he couldn't have done it without ABC Supplies and the community's support.

"Without them doing roofs with us, I wouldn't have been able to do this," said Nyberg.

The couple still doesn't know who ripped out the roof, but Cape Coral Police say it is still an open investigation.
Tonight, Troy has a message for whoever is responsible.

"if it happens again, leave a note or tell someone, 'gee we made a mistake, and we'll be back to fix it." Be honest."

Both Troy and Nyberg also thank the City of Cape Coral for helping expedite the permits needed to get the roof replaced quickly.