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Collier examines special tax to fix potholes in unpaved roads

Posted at 11:08 PM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 23:08:25-04

There are more than one hundred miles of unpaved roads in Collier County - and many of them are riddled with potholes. County commissioners are concerned about the ability of ambulances and fire trucks to travel on these roads, so they're looking into creating a special tax district that would pay to repair them.

Colleen Engel, of Golden Gate Estates, lives on Rock Road, an unpaved private road that she and her neighbors maintain themselves. But she acknowledges that other roads nearby are pretty rough.

"An emergency vehicle would have a very difficult time getting in and out of those roads," Engel said. "The home owners even have a hard time getting in and out in the rainy season."

If it passes, Commissioner Bill McDaniel doesn't want the tax to be any higher than $1 million. The county's Board of Commissioners are scheduled to vote on the special road tax at their meeting on June 26. If passed, certain home owners would be able to opt out the tax.