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Collier County Sheriffs Officer warns public of ongoing scams

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Posted at 11:57 AM, Feb 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-23 11:57:10-05

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.  — The Collier County Sheriff's Office wants to warn the public of two scams going around.

The first involves scammers approaching victims in parking lots and offering to remove scratches from their vehicles. The scammers claim to work for local car dealerships and offer to remove the scratches in just 20 minutes or so for about $300.

If asked to demonstrate their methods, the scammers will use an aerosol that can temporarily remove the scratches.

These individuals sometimes offer to follow victims’ homes to detail their vehicles.

The Sheriff’s Office says the scammers have scratched the cars themselves. In other cases, the scratches are only "fixed" temporarily.

The second scam involves buying pets online.

Scammers are now using COVID-19 as an excuse to require upfront payment for pets. Scammers ask for money to cover the shipping of the animal including climate-controlled crates and nannies that will travel with the pet.

They also claim that the money will cover pet insurance and a nonexistent COVID-19 vaccine for the pet itself. The victim pays but the scammers never send the animal.

If you are purchasing a pet, try to meet the animal in person first. Before buying, visit the Better Business Bureau's site to see if the seller is listed as legitimate.

Never wire money to someone you don't know.