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Collier County approves largest teacher pay raise in six years

Posted at 2:19 PM, Dec 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-12 00:16:38-05

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. -- Collier County Public Schools have approved spending an additional $9 million on teacher salaries.

Board members approved on Monday the tentative agreement with the Collier County Education Association.

This represents the largest increase in nearly a decade for Collier’s 3,200 teachers.

“This amounts to the largest increase in teacher salaries in six years,” said the Executive Director of Communications & Community Engagement at Collier County Public Schools, Chad Oliver.

Jonathan Tuttle, of the Collier County Education Association says that this decision is a promising move.

“I think we reached a great compromise. Sure we always want more, but who doesn’t? This is the best both sides could do at this time,” said Tuttle.

The agreement states that teachers will receive a base increase of $950 per paycheck, and will have the opportunity to earn more increases depending on their evaluations.

“All teachers will see more money, those that are rated as highly effective will see the biggest gains,” said Oliver.

The Collier County Education Association aims to to protect and increase the quality of life of teachers.

“We want teachers to feel comfortable in front of their front of their kids, so that they can just laser focus on their kids, and not worry about living pay check to pay check," said Jonathan Tuttle.

In increasing teacher funding, the school system hopes to ensure the continued success of Collier County Schools

“This is two fold, helps us retain our top teachers and recruit new teachers,” said Chad Oliver.

“This signals Collier County Public Schools values and cares about our investing in our teachers. It’s important to both retaining teachers and recruiting new ones to join our CCPS Family,” says the spokesperson.

The pay increase is retro-active to the beginning of their fiscal year, July 1st 2019.