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Cold weather could bring rodent problems

Posted at 6:59 PM, Jan 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-04 18:59:46-05

Exterminators with Tempco in Fort Myers say it's their busiest time of year, with more and more rodents invading homes and attics to stay warm in colder weather.

Chris Harrison, an exterminator, said rats don't have the best insulators. They use their tails to keep warm so he says it's no surprise they try to find a warm area to hide out.

"What you're going to be looking for is the foliage around your home being pulled apart and stuff like that," Harrison said. "Stuff basically where it's not supposed to be."

The Thompson family thought their air conditioning was broken when it immediately shut off a few days ago, but little did they know, rats were nesting inside the unit near their garage.

"It's kind of just odd thinking about something just might scurry up my back or something," said River, who lives with his family inside the home.

Especially since Hurricane Irma, many homes were damaged, so any cracks or holes in the wall could make it easier for rodents to get inside.

The exterminator said make sure to keep trees away from your home to avoid this problem. Rats can use branches to climb onto the roof and get into attics. 

Also, rats can reproduce up to 5 times a year, with litters up to 14. They can carry parasites and other diseases, so exterminators say to be cautious. If you need any tips or help with rodents, click here.