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Charlotte County debris removal doing more than just clearing streets

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Posted at 4:00 PM, Nov 17, 2022

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. — On Thursday, Brian Gleason, Communications Manager for Charlotte County spoke to Fox 4 about how they are doing more than just clearing debris from streets and waterways.

“Leaners are trees that pose a hazard of falling,” said Gleason, and “the hangers are broken limbs that are on standing trees and those could fall,” he added.

Gleason said damaged trees are part of the nearly 2 million cubic yards of debris, collected by the county since Ian.

“We have estimated it might take until march, we are really hoping we can get it done before then,” said Gleason.

News of the completion date was heard by people living on Elmira Boulevard in Punta Gorda, like Bill Owen.

“I guess we will have to live with it, I don't know what else you can do,” said Owen.

Owen said the piles of debris along his small street, add to the already dangerous conditions from speeders, or as Bill called them, turkeys.

“ Then you have these turkeys running down through here at 50 miles per hour in a 30 zone and then you got all this junk on the side of the road and people are getting closer together trying to avoid it,” said Owen.

Charlotte County Leaders like Gleason said they are giving it their all, but it's a process.

“Someone is going to be first, someone is going to be last, and there is going to be everyone else in between so be patient we are going to get to you,” said Gleason.

On Thursday, Gleason said since Ian, the crew's first priority was to clear school routes for children and focus on areas like bus stops.

A priority list that Bill said hasn't led crews to his street, but he’s willing to wait.

“I'd rather the kids be safe that's for sure. I have just learned how to be patient now,“ said Bill Owen.