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CDC: Flu season getting more intense

Posted at 8:57 AM, Jan 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-03 08:57:09-05

The flu season doesn't peak until next month, but already case numbers are going up drastically all over the U.S. Unfortunately, this includes Florida.

The latest CDC map shows eleven states with "widespread" flu activity, Florida included.

Lee Health says they have seen the number of cases double since early last month.

They're reminding everyone to get your flu vaccine.

And if you do catch it, stay home, avoid the hospital if you can, cover your cough, and be sure to trash your tissues.

Lee Health says that some of the various places we can catch the flu and other germs include:

  • Restrooms – buttons, levers, handles, any high-touch area
  • Buttons and handrails – ATMs, store checkouts, staircases, elevators, escalators
  • Gym equipment
  • Shopping carts
  • Gas pumps
  • Desks – keyboards, phones, mouse, stapler, pens
  • Handshakes
  • Kitchen sponges, handles, countertops
  • Accessories – purses, jewelry

To combat these germs, use hand sanitizer, practice good hand hygiene—wash hands often, wipe down surfaces before touching them (i.e., gym equipment, shopping carts) and avoid touching your face after touching these surfaces.