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Woman faces DUI charge after fleeing crash scene

Posted at 12:01 PM, Mar 27, 2022

NAPLES, Fla. — A Naples woman is facing a few charges after leaving the scene of an accident she allegedly caused and driving under the influence.

A Collier County deputy responded to a call in reference to a vehicle accident at Walmart located at Tamiami North Trail on March 26.

Once the deputy arrived at the scene there was a gray Kia with its hazard lights on and people standing outside.

The deputy identified the driver and the 3 passengers; however, the other vehicle involved in the accident, a red Ford, was not there.

The people had reportedly told the deputy that the other vehicle was in the Walmart parking lot.

According to the report, the driver of the Kia told the deputy that he was traveling southbound on Tamiami Trail North when a red Ford Mustang exited the turn lane and stopped in the middle of the road during traffic. The Kia then rammed into the rear of the Red Ford Mustang.

The driver of the Kia reportedly stopped and got out of his vehicle and talked with the woman of the red Ford Mustang, Nancy Mines; she reportedly wept and begged the driver of the Kia not to call the police and that she would pay for the damages. According to the report, the driver and passengers of the Kia could all smell alcohol emitting from Mines.

The deputy reportedly saw Mines in the Walmart parking lot and she then began to drive away; when the deputy activated the police lights and flashlight, Mines still would not stop. The deputy then positioned the patrol vehicle in front of Mines' car so she would be forced to stop.

Mines reportedly told the deputy that she was on the phone with her husband who told her to leave and that she was looking for the people she got in an accident with. The deputy detected an alcoholic odor along with her slurred speech.

The deputy then initiated a Sobriety Test.

According to the report, Mines said that she wanted a lawyer present and would not perform the sobriety tests or speak to any of the deputies. She was then taken to Naples Jail Center.

On the drive over, Mines, reportedly screamed at deputies and refused to take a breath test, and hit her head on the dividing partition of the patrol vehicle. The deputy told her to stop and she then allegedly kicked the widow of the vehicle and told deputies that she would break her thumb.

Deputies then made it to the station and Mines was charged with:

  • DUI and Damage Property
  • DUI-Unlaw BLD Alcohol- DUI Influence
  • Hit and Run-Leave Scene of Crash