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Caught on Camera: Grinches steal holiday projectors

Posted at 10:31 PM, Dec 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-15 06:58:04-05

A Cape Coral man discovered his Christmas projectors were gone! That's when he turned to his surveillance video and watched them leave his property.

"They pulled up right up to my house," said Mike Giammarusto, as he watched the surveillance images again. "Without any hesitation walked directly to the first light that's directly behind a palm tree," he added.

He said it gets harder and harder to watch them take his stuff.

"It makes me sick," said Giammarusto. "Christmas is a time of giving, that's what I was always taught. There's people taking right now and it really stinks," he added.

Giammarusto puts his lights up for his wife.

"Every year she asks me do stuff and every year we add a little more," said Giammarusto. "She loves the holiday season and I'm just trying to make her happy," he added.

He's troubled because the thieves simply ignored his security measures.

"I have two dogs, surveillance cameras, and flood lights," said Giammarusto.

Cape Coral Police say this is the season for thieves to spoil things for everyone else.

"People are going to come out every year and play Grinch to ruin things for everyone," said Phil Mullen, from Cape PD.

Projector lights are easy targets for thieves so they can make a quick buck.

"Lawn decorations are portable and easy to scoop up and take," said Mullen.

Giammarusto thinks the Grinch should get a job.

"I work hard everyday to make a living and give my family a good lifestyle," said Giammarusto. "For somebody to try and steal that form me, they should get a job and buy what they want themselves," he added.

Cape Police recommends for you to take your holiday projectors inside your home overnight when you go outside to shut off your other lights.