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Car crashes into garage in Fort Myers

Posted at 9:42 PM, Feb 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-05 21:41:55-05

At one house on the corner of Saint Edmunds Loop and Brookshire Lake Boulevard still bears the scars of an incident that happened in the early hours of Sunday. There's a tree trunk stuck in the garage, bits of branches scattered all over the driveway, and skid marks on the cross street. They show how far the car came after taking out a tree nearby. The nly thing left is the stump. 

When Four In Your Corner spoke with neighbors, they were still reeling from what happened that morning, shortly after 5pm. 

"It just sort, of vibrated to the end of our street", one woman told Fox 4. 

She says that the noise of the car crashing into a palm tree and then into the garage woke uo her dog, who's normally pretty quiet. 

"I heard a boom and little Daisy woke up and started barking a little bit."

According to Florida Highway Patrol, the  man behind the car was 21 year-old Garret Nowlin. He's currently facing two DUI charges related to the incident. 

When she went out of her house she saw the destruction that the car left in her neighbor's yard. Destruction that's still there while the homeowner waits for the insurance company to come to their job. 

Neighbors also told Four In Your Corner that the street is commonly used as a shortcut by other drivers who frequently speed through the neighborhood without slowing down. The president of the homeowner's association stated that he intends to get speed bumps put in the neighborhood, so other drivers like Nowlin will be forced to slow down.