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Car burglars target Bonita Springs neighborhood

Posted at 7:03 PM, Apr 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-26 19:03:39-04

A rash of car burglaries were reported this week in the Manor at Morton Grove, a condo community in Bonita Springs. A dozen vehicles were targeted, and most were left unlocked.

Ramona Thumm, who lives on Little John Court where most of the vehicles were entered, said she almost always locks her car. But the one time she forgot, burglars took advantage.

"I thought I clicked the button (on her keyless remote) but I guess I didn't," Thumm said. "It's just that one time."

While the burglar - or burglars - didn't get away with anything valuable from her car, she said they ransacked the glove compartment and center console.

"It makes me angry when anybody steals or hurts anybody, or gets into anybody's property," Thumm said.

Joe Kelly said it isn't the first time car burglars have struck his neighborhood. A former board member for the Manor at Morton Grove, he said the board has discussed ways to try to improve security.

"We've talked about maybe gating the community, but if they want to get in, there are ways to get in even if you've got a gated community," he said.

Kelly said he would like to see deputies patrol his neighborhood more often.

In response to an inquiry from Fox 4 about whether patrols would increase in the area, the Lee County Sheriff's Office said while they are aware of the car burglaries, they cannot discuss their patrol strategies. 

Thumm believes that whoever broke into the vehicles will get what they deserve - somehow.

"My mom always said to me, 'if you steal, God will take it away from you somewhere else in this world," she said. "I believe that to be true."