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Capt'n Cons potential buyer plans to move forward with the sale

Buyer won't make too many changes
Posted at 12:43 AM, Jul 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-29 00:43:30-04

LEE COUNTY, FL — Capt’n Cons Fish House will be sticking around even if the sale goes through. The Potential buyer tells us he doesn’t plan to completely change the place.

Over the weekend, people took to social media saying Capt’n Cons was closing because of a sale and costumers worried about losing access to the local favorite site.

The potential buyer, Dennis Borcky, saw everyone’s concerns and wanted to clear up a few things. The real estate developer from Philadelphia tells us he doesn’t want people to freak out.

“I thought it was terrible that people thought they were losing their jobs,” he said.

Borcky’s lawyer emailed FOX 4 to confirm that the sale is actually set for August 10 and Brocky shared his plans for the historic island.

“We’re looking at restoring it to what it was previously before. Maybe some small residence out there,” he said. “Definitely no condos, nothing big, nothing crazy. We’re going to keep it old Florida. Very specific to the island and the current feel of the island.”

Borcky tells me there were county approved plans for a bigger development despite the historical sites, but people won’t have to worry about that once he owns the place.

Guests can look forward to renovations to the pier, the south bound sea wall and docks but other than that the buyers say they are looking forward to embracing what’s already there.