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Cape homeowner warns new buyers after making first time home buying mistake

Posted at 7:01 AM, Feb 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-20 07:01:41-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla-- A new home owner has a warning for other new home buyers after a mistake could have potentially made her very sick. 

The mistake cost thousands of dollars and it wasn't just the significant amount of money that left the young woman sick to her stomach, but the water inside her home. 

"She was afraid to drink it, she was afraid to shower in it, she didn't want to wash her clothes," said the woman's realtor. 

The realtor, who doesn't want to be identified said the water being pumped into the home was coming straight from a well without going through a filtration system. Neither she nor the homeowner knew it was their responsibility to buy the filtration system. 

"You think it's going to come with a roof and a kitchen and a bathroom you would think that if it's on a well it would come with a water system," said the realtor. 

The owner of Water Medic, the company which eventually installed a system, said this isn't an isolated incident. He's received calls just like this one, one to two times a week. 

"So we are getting the customers taken care of, but it's just something we hadn't seen in the past it's almost like some builders aren't supplying the treatment equipment," said Water Medic owner Richard Jackson. 

4 In Your Corner learned the builder isn't required to install the system. However, because it is an FHA, or Federal Housing Administration home, it must pass a water inspection. 

The paperwork showed it did pass, but the water that was tested was from a new well, and without a filtration system could become toxic over time. The realtor said the builder should have explained the well process from the beginning and hopes this never happens to anyone else. 

"Why couldn't somebody just say it's not in the paperwork but you aren't getting a water system, then we would have been prepared," said the realtor.