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Cape Council votes against renaming El Dorado Blvd

Posted at 9:27 PM, Nov 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-06 22:18:52-05

City Council voted not to rename El Dorado Boulevard in honor of Paul Sanborn Monday night.

The city sent a letter to people living along El Dorado Boulevard saying they were proposing the name change, and if it goes through, residents would have to notify the utilities and entities to update their address.

Many people told Four in Your Corner they disapproved of the name change because of the burden of changing addresses for IDs, passports, insurance information, utilities, medical bills, and more.

People who knew Paul Sanborn and his contributions to the city as a Founding Father wanted to make the name change happen.

Instead, Council voted not to pass the ordinance and consider an honorary street name for a road to be determined.

"We did it the deliberative, practical and pragmatic way, not hurting people along the way. We did not just name a street by a knee-jerk reaction. We've decided to deliberate a little bit and get this right," Councilman Jim Burch said.

Council said with an honorary street name, residents wouldn't have to change their addresses.

Elmer Tabor, who wanted the name change, says he's OK with the decision.

"Paul himself would not like to have a negative impact on anybody. The council, I'm sure, will be spending some time thinking about the right thing to do to give Paul the respect he deserves," Tabor said.

Bob Carlson didn't want the name change, and agrees with Council's decision.

"When we first found out last Saturday by letter this was happening, it caused an uproar with myself and a lot of our neighbors. I think I'm satisfied for now," Carlson said.

Council will be deliberating where to put the honorary street name for Paul Sanborn. Cultural Parkway was one proposed location.