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Cape Coral woman fed up after insurance company run around

Posted at 9:44 PM, Sep 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-28 22:37:52-04

CAPE CORAL, FLA — You've probably heard of it raining cats and dogs, or even buckets.

But what about cement?

Stacy Rodman tells FOX 4, that's what came raining down on her truck, as she was waiting near Skyline boulevard and SW 10th street in Cape Coral.

I look up and see this truck, a large flatbed truck with cement pavers, had turned and was turning and cement pavers began falling on my truck," she said.

The accident happened back in June.

"He jumped out and ran up to my window and I rolled down my window and he goes 'You didn't see my truck?'" said Rodman.

And though that other driver tried to blame her for accident, Cape Coral police ended up giving him a citation for "carrying an unsafe load."

"'Cause he had tall stacks of cement pavers and they just had a little thin layer of cement plastic wrap around them," said Rodman.

Since then Rodman says she's playing phone tag, in hopes of getting her truck fixed by the other driver's insurance company.

"I've been calling and calling and calling to Granada Insurance."

And after she reached out to FOX 4, we did some calling of my own.

Shortly after our calls to Granada Insurance last week, Stacy said the company finally called her back to talk about her payout.

"She said it should be in the mail in 48 hours, or a check would be cut in 48 hours, which would be today and then it would be mailed out," she said.

But there's a catch.
"I called the body shop and I told them you know, 'Look I'm supposed to be getting a check for $1654 and they're like well that's not close to $3600,'" she said.

The amount she's getting isn't close to what the body shop has quoted her.

And she says Granada Insurance has told her that body shop can call and ask for more money if they need it.

Rodman is giving out this advice to anyone going through a similar situation.

"I just encourage people to keep calling and calling and keep calling and ask for higher ups and keep records of your phone calls," she said.

A supervisor with Granada insurance eventually called us back. He wouldn't agree to release a statement or go on camera.

But, what he did do was tell us that the reason things were taking so long, was because the incident is still "under investigation" by the company.