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Cape Coral woman dances Zumba into golden years

Posted at 10:38 AM, Jun 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-08 12:50:49-04

For some people, as they get older, it might seem like the best years are behind them. A Cape Coral woman shows that you can be vibrant at any age.

Pat Lyons discovered her first Zumba class in Chicago about 12 years ago when she was 63 years "young." She says, "I've had energy all my life. It's just energy. I can't do all the moves these lovely girls do. I just can't, but I've got the energy."

Pat, who just celebrated her 75th birthday, takes all of the Zumba classes at Around the Clock gym. She says, "I come every day that I can. when life doesn't get in the way, I come and we've got wonderful instructors every day."

One of those instructors is Kenia Ramirez who describes Pat as. "One of my most energetic students. She literally stands in the front with me. She rocks it out she's yelling. She's dancing."

Pat loves Zumba so much, she had it tattooed where everyone could see it. Just don't say the 'A' word. "As far as aging, i don't really know anything about it really," says Pat. "It means I'm in a place a lot of people never reach. A lot of people never get right in. Took a long time for me to do it but I'm here!" 

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