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Cape Coral says there are still some traces of blue-green algae after starting removal process

Posted at 7:11 PM, Jun 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-15 05:45:16-04

Weeks after Cape Coral cracked down on a blue-green algae outbreak, the city's spokesperson says that are some traces still in city waters, according to a water quality report released today.

“They immediately hired a contractor to go out and use a peroxide based algaecide," explains Kaitlyn Pearson. "The good news is that the algae bloom was killed, it’s no longer feeding and growing."

But signs warning about the algae are still up around Cape Coral - and some residents it's left some residents mistaking it for other things they're seeing on the water.

Miriam Delrosario described what she initially thought was algae building up on her own backyard canal, but it's actually a common occurrence due to tapegrass.

"It's nasty, and it's ugly." says Delrosario.

But experts like Lee County's Kevin Watts says it's not toxic - merely a buildup of it's natural growth cycle that his office helps take care of.

“If it’s something we can help them out with, if action is warranted we can target it and try to keep it under control," says Watts.

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